What We Eat Weekly (Fall/Winter #1)

This may look a little different from my usual posts. I’m starting a new weekly series sharing our meal plans!

Almost all of our dinners are gluten-free and most are grain-free and dairy-free or can be easily converted. Some weeks we do well sticking to plan, and some weeks…. well, you know. Life happens. 

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Dinner Menu for Sept 20th:







  • Out to eat
  • Leftovers or Pizza

Weekly Notes:

  • The tomato soup and dill pesto were leftover from last week, and the Mexican pinto beans were pulled from the freezer.
  • We had a crazy couple of days (and I forgot to thaw the roast chicken) so a couple of the things I had planned got demoted. 
  • When I made paleo ranch on Thursday, I made extra. Then on Friday I blended some of the ranch with 1/2 of an avocado, a handful of cilantro, and some lime juice to make “avocado ranch”.
  • We had company on Friday night and overnight guests over the weekend. 


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