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Healthy Meal Plan #43

These healthy meal plans are for six dinner recipes and a dessert thrown in for fun! All of these recipes are (mostly) paleo friendly, seasonal, and most can be easily adapted to be Keto/Low-Carb or Whole30 friendly.

Hey, friends!

Lots of fresher, lighter meals for January as well move past the rich, decadent meals of the holidays.

(Is anyone else still full of cookies and cheese? Just me?)

If you decide that treats aren’t off limits this month, try Julia’s coffee cake recipe!




5-INGREDIENT CROCKPOT MEXICAN SHREDDED CHICKEN — for tacos, burritos, enchiladas, and more! This simple recipe requires only 5 basic ingredients and turns out perfectly tender and flavorful.

Special Diet Note: Use a paleo-friendly enchilada sauce such as my Whole30 Enchilada Sauce.

Prep Ahead: While nothing needs to be prepared in advance, this whole recipe saves very well. Make 1-3 days ahead of time for the tastiest results!

Substitutions: Use any kind of enchilada sauce or salsa you enjoy. You can turn this into a chile verde chicken recipe by using green enchilada sauce and green salsa.


BUTTERNUT SQUASH AND SWEET POTATO SOUP — This isn’t just a regular butternut squash soup recipe. Butternut squash and sweet potatoes come together in an unexpected (but easy!) soup with southwest flavors and a fun little garnish. I’ve got a few pro tips to make this blended soup silky smooth and easy enough for a weeknight!

Special Diet Note: Recipe is gluten free.

Prep Ahead: Vegetables can be roasted a day or two ahead of time.

Substitutions: Use coconut cream in place of heavy cream to make this dairy free. Omit the bacon if you’d like it to be vegetarian and the corn if you’d like it to be paleo-friendly.


CHILE LIME BAKED COD — Zesty, flavorful Chili Lime Baked Cod marinated in a quick and simple marinade. This easy baked cod recipe results in perfectly tender and flaky fish that it ultra mouth-watering and healthful. 

Special Diet Note: This yummy cod recipe is paleo, whole30, and keto friendly.

Prep Ahead: No advance prep is needed, as the recipe comes together quickly and cod is best when served fresh.

Substitutions: Serve it up with cauliflower rice, roasted asparagus, or side dishes of choice.


CREAMY WILD RICE CHICKEN SOUP —  Making restaurant quality Creamy Chicken Wild Rice Soup is easier than you may think! With the right cut of chicken and a few key ingredients, you’ll be getting ohhhs and ahhhs from your family when they gather for dinner! Psst… it’s also a gluten free soup, too!

Special Diet Note: Recipe is gluten free and dairy free if you use a non-dairy type of milk.

Prep Ahead: No prep ahead needed. If you happen to have pre-cooked chicken or rice you’d like to use, add those in at the end of cooking.

Substitutions: Use chicken breasts if you like instead of thighs.


LEMON GARLIC BAKED CHICKEN THIGHS — Lemon Garlic Baked Chicken Thighs are an easy go-to for weeknight meals. Serve them up with your favorite side dishes for a healthy meal.

Special Diet Note: This easy chicken recipe is paleo, keto, and whole30.

Prep Ahead: The chicken can be marinated overnight.

Substitutions: For an air fryer version, make Julia’s Lemon Garlic Air Fryer Boneless Chicken Thighs. Serve the chicken thighs with your choice of sides such as roasted vegetables, mashed potatoes, etc.


THAI GREEN CURRY ZOODLES WITH SHRIMP & BROCCOLI — This quick weeknight meal is a knock off of the Noodles & Co. Thai Green Curry with Zoodles. I LOVE the little bits of pineapple dotted throughout.

Special Diet Note: Recipe is paleo as is.

Prep Ahead: To save time, you can spiralize the zucchini and cut the pineapple a day or two ahead.

Substitutions: Use any other kind of Thai curry paste you like. Red or Yellow would be good here as well. You could also add some pre cooked chicken in place of the shrimp and swap out vegetables for ones that have a similar cooking time.


ALMOND FLOUR CRANBERRY ORANGE COFFEE CAKE — Grain-free Almond Flour Cranberry Orange Coffee Cake made refined sugar-free, dairy-free and paleo friendly. This moist, fluffy, perfectly sweet treat is an explosion of citrusy sweet flavors.

Special Diet Note: This recipe is paleo friendly. For a keto option, make Julia’s Keto Cranberry Orange Bread

Prep Ahead: No advance preparation is needed to make this coffee cake.

Substitutions:You can replace the cranberries with blueberries and the orange zest with lemon zest if you’d like. You can also leave either or both of these ingredients out entirely.

Grocery List

Click HERE to download a handy printable grocery list!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.