Easy Instant Pot BBQ Pulled Pork

BBQ Pulled Pork is SO easy in an Instant Pot pressure cooker! You can turn a big pork roast into tender shreds of sweet BBQ in under 2 hours! | perrysplate.com #instantpot #bbqpulledpork

After writing two cookbooks with a total of 27 (!!) recipes for pulled meat (and five BBQ sauces) in both books, I thought it was rather sad that I didn’t have an Instant Pot Pulled Pork recipe on my site. A total shame, right? It’s a classic recipe that everyone should have in their collection.

To be honest, I think it took me so long to do this because…

I’ve never been a huge fan of pulled pork. Or pork in general. (Except for bacon. Bacon is life.)

Writing and developing pork sections for my cookbooks converted me. Or at the very least made me moderately excited to have pork for dinner.

(Especially the Easy Pork Carnitas from my Instant Pot book. Maybe I’ll throw that recipe on my site, too. SHHH don’t tell my publisher.)