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Paleo Meal Plan #6

These Paleo-friendly meal plans are for six dinner recipes and a dessert thrown in for fun! All of these recipes are paleo friendly, seasonal, and most can be easily adapted to be Keto/Low-Carb or Whole30 friendly. 

Happy Valentine’s Day Weekend!

We’re hunkered down with nearly a foot snow on the ground visiting with my parents who braved the weather to visit us. This morning I surprised the kids with a Valentine’s Breakfast Board, so they’re full of candy and covered in snow.

Lots of bold flavors in this week’s meal plan including TWO ways to use buffalo/wing sauce, my current favorite butternut soup, and Julia’s delicious muffins!

Enjoy and stay warm!




EASY 30-MINUTE PALEO MONGOLIAN BEEF — This healthy Mongolian Beef recipe includes tender yet crispy chunks of flank steak in a sweet and tangy sauce that will knock your socks off!

Easy 30-minute Paleo Mongolian Beef -- Paleo Meal Plans

Special Diet Note: Recipe is paleo and whole30.

Prep Ahead: No advance prep is necessary! This recipe comes together in 30 to 40 minutes.

Substitutions: Use liquid aminos instead of coconut aminos to make low-carb


CHIPOTLE-LIME SQUASH SOUP – Just a handful of ingredients are in this creamy, paleo-friendly soup — including a punch of chipotle!

Chipotle-Lime Squash Soup -- Paleo Meal Plans

Special Diet Note: Recipe is paleo and Whole30 friendly (watch the ingredients in the chipotle peppers).

Prep Ahead: If using a whole squash, you can roast it ahead of time.

Substitutions: Use kabocha squash in place of butternut if you like.


BUFFALO CHICKEN STUFFED SWEET POTATOES – Lucky for us, the shredded buffalo chicken in this recipe is so simple, requiring only a few basic ingredients.  It can be done any ol’ night of the week quickly and easily!

Buffalo Chicken Stuffed Sweet Potatoes -- Paleo Meal Plans

Special Diet Note: Recipe is primal and can be made paleo by omitting the feta cheese.

Prep Ahead: Roast the sweet potatoes up to 4 days in advance.

Substitutions: Use rotisserie chicken for a quick and easy meal!


EASY CAJUN SAUSAGE & RICE SKILLET — This easy sausage & rice skillet is one of my favorite ONE PAN meals. And bonus — it’s done in about 30 minutes!

Easy Cajun Sausage & Rice Skillet -- Paleo Meal Plans

Special Diet Note: Recipe is gluten & dairy free. If you don’t do rice, there’s an adaptation in the recipe notes.

Prep Ahead: No advance prep needed!

Substitutions: Swap out the rice for cauli rice to make it keto/low-carb & grain-free.


PALEO CHICKEN ADOBO — Quick and easy Paleo Chicken Adobo recipe made soy-free and refined sugar-free. This sweet and tangy Filipino-inspired chicken recipe is amazingly flavorful and results in tender, delicious chicken!

Paleo Chicken Adobo -- Paleo Meal Plans

Special Diet Note: Recipe is paleo and whole30.

Prep Ahead: Chicken can be marinated up to 24 hours in advance.

Substitutions: Replace the coconut aminos for liquid aminos if desired. This will also make the recipe keto.


HOT & SWEET ORANGE PULLED PORK  — This sweet and (slightly) spicy meat is a fun twist on pulled pork! It’s great in tacos, wraps, on baked potatoes, or any way you’d eat BBQ pulled pork.

Hot & Sweet Orange Pulled Pork -- Paleo Meal Plans

Special Diet Note: Recipe is paleo and Whole30 friendly.

Prep Ahead: This can be cooked up to 4-5 days in advance and reheated when necessary. Recipe includes both slow cooker and Instant Pot instructions.

Substitutions: You can use the buffalo sauce you used in Tuesday’s meal in place of Frank’s Original. Recipe is Whole30 friendly using dates, but if you aren’t doing a round, feel free to use honey or another type of sweetener instead. Serve pulled pork over salad greens, rice, or alongside some roasted vegetables.


KETO CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE MUFFINS — These little treats are the best of both worlds. Crispy top, soft buttery interior, so much chocolate goodness in each bite!

Keto Chocolate Chip Cookie Muffins -- Paleo Meal Plans

Special Diet Note: Recipe is paleo.

Prep Ahead: No need to prep ahead!

Substitutions: Swap out the honey for maple or use another type of nut you prefer.

Grocery List

Click HERE to download a handy printable grocery list!

Paleo Meal Plan Grocery List

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