Primal Mint Chip Ice Cream + Paleo Ice Cream Cookbook Review

Primal Mint Chip Ice Cream-2

Today is one of the first days in a while that I didn’t feel like curling up next to my two-year-old and taking an afternoon nap with her.

For the record, I’m not usually a napper. That’s how tired I’ve been lately! And my appetite is still “meh” but I’m always in the mood to eat things that aren’t so great for me. I’m not even going admit how many containers of gelato I’ve eaten in the last couple of months. Mostly because I don’t know. But it was a lot. (Talenti Sea Salt Caramel is definitely my favorite so far.)

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Ghirardelli Share a Mini-2

Ghirardelli Share a Mini Giveaway!

Once upon a time ago we lived in San Leandro, CA. Do you know where the Ghirardelli Factory is? SAN LEANDRO, CA. The factory (and the factory store) was only...

Tasty Kitchen Post Singapore Noodles (Singapore Mei Fun)-24

Singapore Noodles (Singapore Mei Fun)

This recipe far exceeded my expectations. I literally had a hard time not devouring that entire platter. Find the recipe for Singapore Noodles and my detailed step-by-step over on...

Grilled Pineapple Whips-2

Grilled Pineapple Whip

Do you know what’s fueling this post? No, not a pineapple whip. (I wish.)


Big News!

Remember when I told you about tripping off the stand at church and about breaking my foot (two separate incidences)? Well, there’s a very good reason for my clumsiness....

Ball Canning-1

Ball FreshTECH Automatic Canner Review + Canning Products Giveaway!

Hey! I’ve got something cool to show you. And another giveaway!

Spicy Garlic Hasselback Eggplant-2

Spicy Garlic Hasselback Eggplant with Tomato-Basil Relish

Confession: I have never hasselbacked anything until now. Not even potatoes, which is weird because I really, really love potatoes.

Grilled Moroccan Chicken Drumsticks-4

Grilled Moroccan Chicken and Garlic Sauce

As someone who dislikes eating the same thing over and over it surprised me that I wanted to make this twice. In two weeks. Sure, I’ll eat leftovers a...