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This easy overnight hashbrown breakfast casserole is gluten-free! It’s a Mexican-inspired version with spiced chorizo, pepper jack cheese, and a BOMB chipotle-lime hollandaise sauce that only takes 10 minutes in your blender. It’s a perfect make-ahead recipe for Christmas morning or any special holiday brunch.

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If you make anything I post this summer — it has to be this grilled chicken recipe. Actually…. I’ve got another recipe in the pipeline I could say the same thing about. But first, make this. This chipotle-lime marinade is SO SO AMAZING. It goes perfectly with the fruity salsa on top! Yeah, you could …

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Remember the little cheese crisps I made to crumble over my Creamy Paleo Mushroom Soup with Bacon? Well, it turns out those little cheese crisps, made extra large, make REALLY good keto tortillas. Well, technically taco shells since they’re crispy. Since breakfast tacos are kind of a thing lately, I couldn’t resist trying these out …

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