In which food was not the main attraction

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Whenever anyone comes over for more than 15 minutes I think about food. It doesn’t matter if we’re throwing a housewarming party, a birthday party, having house guests, or a couple of friends over for games (wow, that hasn’t happened in, like, forever.)

Heck, I’d give the UPS man a snack if he didn’t run off so fast.


I attribute my need to feed people to my grandma. No one goes away hungry from her house. Or anything less than stuffed.

So, when I was planning my Noonday Collection launch party, I immediately began thinking of little bites to eat.

(In case you missed my little announcement a few weeks ago about becoming a Noonday Collection Ambassador, go read this post.)

I had to remind myself about 500 times that this little shin-dig wasn’t about food. It was about Noonday. I didn’t want to steal any of Noonday’s thunder, nor did I want anyone to think they had to prepare a giant buffet in order to host a trunk show for me.

I have a hard time keeping things simple when it comes to food, but I tried. I really did. Up until the day before I was throwing things out of my food plan….


until I was left with this. This table looks completely naked to me and could use about 3-4 more things to snack on. It was painful.

You think I’m joking.

simple appetizer recipes

So what did I make?

Pineapple skewers, chocolate-covered strawberries, White Chocolate Dipped Strawberries with Citrus Sugar, Goat Cheese, Bacon, and Pecan Truffles, and naturally sweetened pineapple-ginger punch.

And it was just fine. No one asked where everything else was. Instead, I let this have the spotlight…

noonday collection

So pretty. My little sampling will hopefully grow in the coming months, but for now, there she is.

05 - May22

Here I am, wearing my latest Stitch Fix find and some of my favorite Ethiopian upcycled artillery pieces. (Yes, they make jewelry from weapons. Way to change focus. Isn’t that rad?) I felt like I was going to throw up during the hour or two before the party started. I was so nervous.

I’ve never done anything like this before, and try to avoid all those “party-type” businesses as much as I possibly can. But, here I am.

I am completely smitten with all of these pieces, and it warms my heart to know that it’s not just jewelry and accessories, but a pathway for vulnerable populations around the world to rise out of poverty. Because of Noonday, some have steady, fair-paying jobs for the first time in their lives. And some women will not need to abandon their children because they have a way to support them.

I love it.

The launch party had a great turn-out, and the reaction to Noonday was just as I had hoped it would be.

If you’re interested in learning more about Noonday Collection, visit my Noonday website and keep updated through Facebook by following my Noonday Facebook Page!

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2 Responses to “In which food was not the main attraction”

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    India — June 11, 2013 @ 1:29 pm

    I love the food table! In fact, hosting an engagement party and I have one of those drink things…I’m curious what you put in yours. :) I’m glad it was a success! Love the jewelry display.


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    Kristi — June 13, 2013 @ 11:56 am

    I am one that always feels like I always need to entertain when I have people over. If it’s my best friend who practically lives at my house half of the time. I’m a food/drink serving kind of person, but I think that everyone appreciates that about me.


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