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30 Recipes for Blackstone Griddle

You bought a Blackstone! Wondering what you can make on it besides burgers? I’ve got a roundup of some of my FAVORITE recipes that work well on a Blackstone.

Flipping bacon with a pair of tongs on a Blackstone griddle.

What is a Blackstone Griddle?

Remember… a Blackstone griddle is just a ginormous cast-iron skillet that sits outside on your patio. So, anything you make in a skillet on your stove you could reasonably make on a Blackstone. Because of it’s size you can make a LOT of food in a short amount of time!

I’ve been using mine like crazy since we got it, and I’ve got some helpful tips for you! Below are some recipes for you to tinker with along with some notes for adapting it to a Blackstone griddle.

All of these recipes can be made gluten free. Most are heavy on the vegetables with protein. I hope you find something you love! For reference, I own the 36″ Blackstone Griddle.

Tips for Cooking on a Blackstone Griddle

Let it preheat well.

The chances of things sticking are significantly less if your griddle is hot and greased a little before you put food on it. It should sizzle when it hits that surface.

Have your food prepped and ready to go.

Since your Blackstone is outdoors, you’ll want all of your components ready to go so you don’t have to run in and out of the house 400 times. Open the package of bacon, grate your cheese, chop your veg and put them in a bowl… that kind of thing. I use a cookie sheet to transport everything in and out of the house.

Two large squirt bottles with the Blackstone logo next to a very large metal spatula.

Other Useful tools to have on hand…

  • Garbage can or bag: for germy meat packaging, dirty paper towels, food scraps, ets.
  • Extra large spatula or two: I have a Blackstone smash burger kit that includes a really big spatula. Having two long ones is helpful, too, along with a sturdy pair of tongs.
  • Oil and Water Squirt Bottles: I use my Blackstone a lot and these extra big squirt bottles are so handy for adding extra oil while cooking or water to get stuck-on food removed from the griddle during clean up.
  • Extra prep area: I have a cheap IKEA table I use for holding food and supplies while cooking. The griddles have shelves on either side but I don’t think they’re big enough. And sometimes sections of them close the griddle get REALLY hot and will melt plastic.

Top 10 Blackstone Recipes

In no particular order, here are my top 10 Blackstone recipes. Ones that I’d make over and over and everyone loves! Because almost all of my recipes are gluten-free, that includes these as well.

Smash Burger Recipe

This smash burger recipe has lots of caramelized onions and jalapeños! Feel free to use the basic technique for a smash burger and customize it how you like. You can do a lot of burgers at once and even toast your buns (if using) at the same time.

Best Chicken Fajita Recipe

Hands down, one of my favorite things to do on a Blackstone because you can cook alllll of the chicken and fajita vegetables at the same time! Toast up your tortillas on there, too.

Gluten Free Ramen Recipe

This recipe is more of a veggie-packed ramen noodle bowl than a soup. I love shrimp here, but you can use chicken, steak, or pork if you prefer! When you make the sauce you can use a saucepan directly on your griddle. When you combine it with the shrimp and noodles, add the shrimp and noodles to the griddle and then pour the sauce on top. Then transfer it to the veggie bowl with a couple of large spatulas.

Chipotle Caramelized Onion & Mushroom Burgers

Cook all of those onions and mushrooms on one side of your griddle and then add the burgers to the other! Don’t forget to toast your buns, too.

Malibu Chicken

For this recipe you’ll want to keep the heat on medium so your chicken doesn’t scorch on the outside before the center is done. Also go easy when you spread that marinade so you don’t have a lot of excess on the griddle. And spread out! Cook your ham and pineapple so everything is done at the same time.

Marinated Flank Steak Fajitas

Like the chicken fajitas, you can cook the meat and vegetables and warm the tortillas all at once!

Hawaiian BBQ Sheet Pan

This sheet pan meal can easily convert to a Blackstone griddle. Just cook everything at the same time on your hot griddle top and toss in BBQ sauce toward the end of cooking.

Double Mushroom Burgers

The mushrooms for these burgers can be cooked on the Blackstone griddle, too! For the roasted garlic, you could put the garlic cloves in a flat foil packet and toss them on the griddle with everything else. And again… toast those buns.

Italian Chicken Sausage Skillet

Another skillet recipe that can easily convert to a griddle recipe!

Hashbrowns, bacon, & eggs breakfast

And finally… the thing that gets made most often at our house is this simple breakfast combo!

Cook the bacon on half of the griddle, then move it off and add the frozen hash browns in the bacon drippings (if you’re short on time, cook them side by side and add oil for the hash browns — you’ll need quite a bit to keep them from sticking. Try not to move them around much for the first 10-15 minutes.)

Cook the eggs at the very end and lay some bread on there to get nice and toasty.

Blackstone Recipe Ideas: Appetizers & Sides 

Sweet Potato Hash Browns

These are great for breakfast or any meal, really. Cook these over medium heat a little more slowly than white potatoes .

Caramelized Cabbage

This delicious dish with cabbage and bacon comes together quickly on a griddle!

Thai Chicken Lettuce Wraps

This is an easy appetizer, but would also be a delicious meal!

Caramelized Onions

It’s super easy to make a big batch of caramelized onions! I chopped 4 medium onions and it only filled 1/2 of my griddle. I melt a few tablespoons of butter and cook them down until they’re soft and have dark golden brown spots.

Best Mexican Blackstone Grill Recipes 

Tacos are fun to make on your Blackstone griddle because you can make the filling AND warm the tortillas at the same time! Here are several Mexican inspired taco recipes for you to play with.

Blackened Fish Tacos

If you need a super fast meal on a summer night any of these taco recipes would hit the spot, but these might be my favorite of the bunch!

Smoky Grilled Chicken Tacos

Most likely my favorite chicken taco of all time. Cook the chicken and pineapple and toast up the cheesy tortillas all on your griddle!

Crispy Black Bean Tacos

The filling can easily be made on your griddle and you can assemble and toast them up like little quesadillas.

Grilled Shrimp Tacos

Another quick one! Shrimp cooks up in a flash on a hot griddle — maybe in the time it takes to warm up your tortillas.

Keto Taco Shells

Have you ever made cheese crisps? Sprinkling some grated cheese in a skillet and cooking until the grease releases and you’re left with a big round of crispy cheese goodness? The worst part about those is that they take a long time to make several, but if you have a griddle you can make a dozen all at the same time!

Chicken-Pork Chorizo

This copycat Chipotle Chorizo used to be on their menu, but hasn’t been in a few years. Because I hacked the seasoning blend, it’s on the menu quite often at our house! Use this as a taco/burrito filling, nacho topping, scramble add-in or prep ahead protein.

Breakfast Recipes for Blackstone Griddle

My favorite breakfasts to make on my outdoor griddle is the Hashbrown Breakfast (above), pancakes, and breakfast burritos! Here are some pancake recipes (waffle batter that can be used to make pancakes!) and some ideas for breakfast burrito filling.

Dark Chocolate Pancakes

Turn the heat down to medium for these. Since they’re paleo and contain almond flour they’ll burn easily. I also recommend closing the cover for a few minutes so they can steam.

Paleo Chocolate Banana Protein Pancakes

This waffle recipe doubles as pancakes! Same deal with these… since they’re not made with traditional flour, you’ll need to cook these on medium heat.

Sweet Potato Pancakes

Another waffle-turned-pancake recipe with mashed sweet potatoes! They also need to cook at a lower temp for a little longer than traditional pancakes. And PLEASE make the orange-maple syrup. It’s REALLY delicious on these!

Breakfast Burritos

I super puffy heart love breakfast burritos. (Or any breakfast food that bleeds into Mexican-inspired cuisine.) They’re fun to make on a Blackstone griddle, too! And you can do large batches much quicker than on your stovetop.

Here are a few of my favorite breakfast hashes that could be worked into a breakfast burrito and my favorite homemade chicken sausage recipe!

Potato Bacon Breakfast Hash – Use a mix of sweet and white potatoes (or all of one type), throw some bell peppers and bacon in there too!

Sweet Potato Hash with Chorizo – Similar to the other hash, but with turkey chorizo for a more Mexican flare!

Homemade Chicken Sausage – Here’s a basic breakfast sausage recipe that you can make out of ground chicken, pork, or turkey! It works well with frozen O’Brien style hash browns and eggs for a simple delish breakfast burrito.

More Blackstone Griddle Recipes

Even more recipes that would work well on a Blackstone!

Blackened Chicken with Corn & Zucchini

This one is pretty straightforward. Sear the chicken, remove, then cook the veggies in the seasoned chicken juices!

Lamb Loin Chops with Rosemary

Easy peasy! Just sear your lamb chops and throw your favorite saute-able veggie on the other side of the griddle.

Quick Ham & Brussels Hash

This makes a quick light dinner or a fun side dish for brunch!

Egg Roll in a Bowl

Quick like a stir fry! You can make a really big batch of this on a griddle, too. It’s one of our family’s favorite meals.

Paleo Pad Thai

Another stir fry type meal! We love this dinner in the summer. It’s quick and light and easy!

Green Chile Turkey Burgers

Another great burger recipe with ground turkey! I love topping these with grilled onions and a fried egg — both of which you can cook while the burgers are sizzling away.

Paleo Shrimp & Veg Skillet

Love this quick shrimp stir fry with my awesome Thai seasoning!

Herb Chicken with Caramelized Onions

You’ll want to get the onions started on this recipe first since they take quite a bit longer than the chicken.

Brussels, Sausage, & Apple Hash

A quick little hash that pairs well at brunch or makes a light dinner.

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