Dressing Your Truth Review: When Your Outsides Match Your Insides

Dressing Your Truth Review | perrysplate.com

You’re probably thinking, “Natalie, what does Dressing Your Truth® have to do with food?”

Well, nothing, really.


Dressing Your Truth is something I’ve grown to love and has really influenced the way I dress, act, and even how I parent my children. Because this blog is such a huge part of me, I wanted to it to be a place where I can share other things that I really love — and hope you might love them, too.

And if not…well, I’ll have another recipe for you next week.

Let me start at the beginning…

About Energy Typing

Steve and I read the book The Child Whisperer by Carol Tuttle a few years ago and learned about her Energy Profiling® system. It completely changed the way we viewed ourselves, our children, and everyone around us! According to her system, people are comprised of four types of energy that correspond with the elements of nature, and it’s that energy that determines how we see and navigate through the world. While we all have a little of each energy type within us, we lead with one, dominant energy.

You determine your dominant energy type by looking at your facial features, body language, personality, and overall movement. I love that it’s not just a personality profile, but your type of energy is part of who you are and comes out in YOUR FACE. I’m not going to go into it in detail here, but it’s truly fascinating and there are videos online where you can learn more.

Dressing Your Truth Review | perrysplate.com

Discovering My Energy Type

I express primarily TYPE 4℠ energy (earth). TYPE 4 energy the lowest level of energy of the 4 Energy Types. It is still, firm, and bold. I never considered myself to be a bold person in the sense of being loud and outspoken. The boldness it’s referring to is mostly internal. I have strong opinions about things. I take the things that I’m interested in very seriously and dive in head first, 100%, all or nothing. I make bold decisions, and I stick with them. I’m a pretty grounded person most of the time.

Knowing this about myself has been liberating. I remember being hard on myself because I didn’t have certain qualities that I thought I “should” have, and now I realize there are ALL kinds of women and we don’t all have to be the same! I like spending time with a few close friends, but I don’t have to go to every social event I’m invited to. I value kindness, but I don’t have to be overly cheerful and sweet like women are “supposed” to be.

(Read: Hermit curmudgeon. JK. Sorta. I just like to hang out at home, OK? And don’t call me. Phones are for texting, dontcha know?)

When I learned about TYPE 4 energy, I saw it in a lot of my habits, preferences, and facial features and in some of my style choices, my low tolerance for chaos and noise, my desire for structure and order. I’ve also noticed that my food photography even reflects my TYPE 4 nature — bold saturated colors, high contrast, and realistic, minimal styling. Look at how my blog is designed — it’s clean, organized, and mostly black and white with some pops of color.

Dressing Your Truth

Soon after we read The Child Whisperer, I found Carol Tuttle’s program called Dressing Your Truth.  She takes the concepts of energy typing and applies them to style and beauty. The idea is that dressing in certain colors/textures/styles that harmonize with your energy type create the best looks and supports your energy. It makes sense that our true, internal nature should be reflected in our appearance.

As far as style? I don’t think I was bold. I stuck with the basics for the most part and was pretty low-maintenance and practical when it came to style and beauty. I remember getting a lot of compliments whenever I wore black or really bold colors, but I figured it was because of my complexion and dark hair.

According to the Dressing Your Truth program, TYPE 4 style is bold with low movement. As in, black and white, pure bold hues, structured fit, & minimalistic. I’ve always been drawn to colors and styles like that, but my wardrobe was all over the place in terms of style because I thought I was “supposed” to have variety.

It took me a while to decide how seriously I wanted to take it or if it was even legit. (Read: I overanalyzed and questioned everything — true to my TYPE 4 nature.) The more I dressed in the TYPE 4 style, though, the more grounded and confident I felt. Looking back, I’ve always been a confident person and now the way I dress reflects that.

Dressing Your Truth Review | perrysplate.com

Discover Your True Nature

I have had such a blast the past few years learning about the Energy Profiling System and the Dressing Your Truth program. If you’d like to learn more about it, there’s a FREE Before & After Course where you can learn more!

A few of my friends have jumped aboard, too, and we chat about Dressing Your Truth and Energy Profiling a lot. I have another post coming up where I’ll show you before and after photos of all of us as well as our thoughts about Dressing Your Truth.

If you go through the free Before & After course, I’d love to hear what you think.

Seriously, though. I love talking about this stuff, so drop me a comment or an email!

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Disclosure: I received no monetary compensation for writing this post. All opinions shared are my own (as usual!)