What We Eat Weekly (Fall/Winter #3)

Weekly Healthy Menu Plan from Perry's Plate!

Here you’ll find our weekly dinner plan! Almost all of our dinners are gluten-free and most are grain-free and dairy-free or can be easily converted. Some weeks we do well sticking to plan, and some weeks…. well, you know. Life happens.

The “coming soon” meals mean I’m doing photos and will have links added as I publish those recipes.

Dinner Menu for Oct 4th:





  • Out to eat (Celebrating our 12-year-old’s great cross-country season!)


  • Cold Remedy Chicken Soup (Our favorite basic chicken soup!) — added 1/4 cup of rice. Used my Instant Pot for this — I added directions in the recipe notes!


Weekly Notes:

  • The Mexi-Ranch is just some leftover Paleo Ranch buzzed up in the blender (or food processor) with a handful of cilantro, a pinch of cumin, and a squeeze of lime. Luckily I did that on Monday when I made the other ranch.
  • Wednesday was a little nutty and I almost scrapped the whole dinner and made pancakes. Instead I dropped rice from the menu and the fish, slaw, and guac literally took less than 30 minutes to prep. So glad that Mexi-ranch was prepped!  

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