What to do with a big bowl of cookie dough or The Great Birthday Binge of 2011


The good thing about having a birthday two days away from your spouse’s is that it feels like your birthday is three days long. You get to share a cake, too.

Guess who makes it every year? Moi. And If you ask Steve he’d probably say he’d rather have a giant bowl of fruit instead of a cake. (But between the two of us, and our girls, we finished off our “cake” in three days. The man has a love-hate relationship with baked goods. As do I.)

See? She never gets dressed. I really am a supermom.
When I spied this beautiful and downright genius idea on Facebook, it’s like a bomb went off in my head. THAT was my… ahem, excuse me… OUR birthday cake.

I also wanted to take a treat to the doctors and staff where hubs works. (The girls over there are like my sisters. For reals.) So I made a double batch of chocolate chip cookie dough and made some Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Bars with half of it. The other half was made into cookies… and destined for something mind-blowing.

Am I right?


That, my friends is six layers of chocolate chip cookies with six layers of lightly sweetened mascarpone whipped cream. It sits for several hours in the fridge and gets all cozy-like. Then you can cut it like a real cake.

A few tips to remember, in case you attempt this yourself — use mini chocolate chips in the cookies and bake them a couple minutes longer than normal so the whole thing doesn’t turn to mush. I also swapped the whiskey for vanilla extract in the cream. I even halved the recipe, using 7 cookies for each layer, and it was still huge! Again, here’s the recipe: Chocolate Chip Cookie Icebox Cake.

I couldn’t stay out of it for three days. I also had a sugar hangover for three days. I have mixed feelings about the cake no longer sitting my fridge.

08 - August9

Friday was Steve’s birthday, which is much better than having your birthday on a Wednesday. Because he didn’t have to work, we went up to Tahoe to spend the afternoon.


It’s been, like, a week since I’ve posted a real recipe. I unintentionally took the week off, but next week I’ll be back with lots of veggie-packed stuff you can actually use.

Good grief, I need to detox.