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Bell peppers

Paleo Hungarian Goulash (Instant Pot)

Goulash is a recipe that holds a lot of memories and sentiment for me. By goulash, I don’t mean the American concoction of elbow pasta, ground beef, and spaghetti sauce. I’m talking about the Hungarian-inspired goulash stew with a fiery-colored paprika sauce. I spent a year and a half in Austria during my early 20s …

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Creamy Southwest Chicken Soup for Instant Pot

This Southwest Chicken Soup is a variation on our family-favorite Cold Remedy Chicken Soup. (Which is also fantastic.) My kids get ridiculously excited when I make it that regular paleo chicken soup — without noodles, even! They jump up and down and declare (once again) it to be on the “favorite dinner list” — a …

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The Best Chicken Fajitas (For Real)

No, really. These are the best chicken fajitas — citrusy with a hint of heat and they make the BEST leftovers! (Leftover fajita hash is pretty amazing.) I always get giddy when I make chicken fajitas. Both these chicken fajitas and my steak fajitas are the BOMB. 80% of my excitement is anticipating the leftovers. Grilled chicken …

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Vegetarian Paleo Chili (Whole30 Chili)

Do you remember the Vegetarian Sweet Potato Chili I posted several years ago? It’s full of sweet potatoes and bell peppers and diced tomatoes and it’s just all kinds of good. Well, I pulled out the beans, threw in some butternut squash and made it vegetarian AND paleo. AND Whole30 friendly. My favorite part of …

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