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Italian seasoning is pretty straightforward, right? Why make homemade Italian seasoning? It’s usually a blend of 4-5 herbs. No fillers or sweeteners or weird ingredients. As far as seasoning blends go, it’s pretty clean. So, why bother making it? Because the regular stuff is boring. There. I said it.

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I feel like I created a unicorn here with this grilled eggplant recipe. It’s easy, quick (even quicker if you make the ricotta ahead of time), doesn’t require an oven/stove (yay, summer grilling!), and is paleo, low-carb/keto, AND vegan. The fact that it’s vegan was totally an accident. If you’ve spent more than 5 minutes …

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Meatloaf is one of those love/hate foods — either people really love it or they really. . . don’t. And, bless its heart, meatloaf won’t win any beauty contests. I’ve always wondered why general meatloaf opinions are so polarized — it s a comfort food, after all. Maybe there are just too many poorly made …

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