How to Make Poached Eggs in an Instant Pot

How to make poached eggs in an Instant Pot! It'll blow your mind how easy this is. You just need some silicone egg cups. And your Instant Pot.

My lovely Instant Pot owners — have you made poached eggs in your Instant Pot yet?

Hard cooked eggs for sure, right?

Did you know I have a section in my newest cookbook about hard cooking and poaching eggs, along with a few egg salad recipes? (If not, grab a copy of The Big Book of Paleo Pressure Cooking immediately.) It might be my favorite chapter. I love eggs a lot. 

I decided to share my favorite method for poaching eggs over at The Pioneer Woman: Food & Friends

If you’re like me and you end up leaving most of the whites in your swirling pot of simmering water, then grab a set of silicone egg poaching cups and your Instant Pot. And make 4-5 poached eggs at a time. It’ll blow your mind.

Make some poached eggs in your Instant Pot and make this Southwest Eggs Benedict with Chipotle-Lime Hollandaise. It'll blow your ever loving mind. Promise.

Actually, if you want your mind blown twice, make some chipotle-lime hollandaise sauce to put on some Southwest Eggs Benedict.

Want the recipe for this? It’s at the end of my post over on The Pioneer Woman: Food & Friends. I included a variation for gluten-free/paleo peeps using roasted sweet potatoes, but you could use English muffins too. 

(I realize those look like hamburgers, but they’re actually Mexican chorizo patties. *squeal*)

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