How to Make Cauliflower Rice

If you’ve spent more than 15 minutes thinking about moving toward a paleo or low carb diet, you’ve probably considered making cauliflower rice. Most of you have already made...


Crispy Sweet Potato Chips

Well, hey there. I thought you might like some sweet potato chips. Do you know what the secret is to getting them crispy?


Cookbook Progress With a Little Human

Oh, hey. Just taking some photos up here. For my cookbook. On this footstool. You probably want a snack, right? Since you basically eat nonstop while you’re awake.

Sweet Kale Salad (Costco Copycat)-4

Sweet Kale Salad (Costco Copycat)

I’m a big fan of the salad kits at Costco. You know what I’m talking about — the Sweet Kale one and the Asian Crunchy one? They’re great when...

Tex-Mex Grilled Vegetable Salad with Creamy Avocado Ranch-3

Grilled Vegetable Potluck Salad with Creamy Avocado Ranch

  Sometimes I have anxiety over potlucks — particularly when I get an idea for something and I want to try it out on a bunch of people.

Thai Grilled Chicken Bowls with Mango-Lime Dressing-6

Thai Grilled Chicken Bowls with Mango-Lime Dressing

I’ll tell you about this salad in a second, but can I just say how much I love this mermaid bowl?! Target clearance shelf got me bad with this...

Paleo Sushi Bowls

California Roll Sushi Bowls

I’ve got a treat for you today! My lovely blogging friend Rebecca from Foodie with Family has published a book you must order right now — Not Your Mama’s...

Middle Eastern Chicken and Eggplant Skewers

Middle Eastern Chicken & Eggplant Kebabs

Kebabs are one of the most versatile grilling dishes there is! You can throw almost any kind of meat and vegetable on there and season it a million different...