Healthy Potluck Salad Recipes

30 Healthy Potluck Recipes for Summer!

Are you grilling all the things? Because I’ve been grilling all the things. I even grill the salad. And the dessert. (True story.)

Herbed Chicken and Caramalized Onions-3

Grilled Herb Chicken with Rosemary Caramelized Onions

One night a few weeks ago I was going to finally pull out a package of beef liver that has been sitting in my deep freeze for almost two years. I...

Tasty Kitchen Blog Paleo Brownies 14

Paleo Brownies

A few of my dreams came true with this one. These brownies are grain-free, dairy-free, and naturally-sweetened. AND the batter is made entirely in the food processor.

Brown Sugar and Coconut Oil Body Scrub-5

Homemade Body Scrub with Brown Sugar and Coconut Oil

… that tastes a little like cookie dough. Ok, a lot like cookie dough. Every time I use this on my face I dip my finger in it and...

Grilled Pineapple Salsa-3

Grilled Pineapple Salsa

I’ve been on a grilled pineapple kick since the weather has warmed up, and we’ve eaten it so many different ways! I can’t wait to show you! One day I...

Chicken Parm Dippers-3

Chicken Parmesan Dippers and Easy Marinara

Feeding children can either make you feel like a superhero. Or it can frustrate you to the point of shoving a frozen pizza in the oven. And it’s even...

Cucumber Jicama Slaw -2

Cucumber Jicama Slaw (Great on tacos!)

I’m kind of embarrassed to admit how many times I’ve made this slaw without sharing it with you. I don’t even know when I started making it. Maybe early...

Paleo Mushroom Soup with Bacon-2

Creamy Paleo Mushroom Soup with Bacon and Cheese Crisps

This soup made me feel like a superhero.