Nambe post-2

Five Spice Steak with Ginger Butter + Nambe Giveaway

Well, our week of indoor camping is over. If you could call it that. (I lost steam very quickly.) I’ll report about our emergency preparedness exercise shortly. In the...

Simple Roasted Tomato Soup -

Simple Roasted Tomato Soup

I’m so, SO grateful I had a leftover pot of this tomato soup in the fridge this week. A girl can only handle so many “whisk contents of packet...


Sweet Potato and Bacon Breakfast Hash

Oh, the ideas my husband has. “Let’s eat our freeze-dried food storage, only drink the water we’ve saved in bottles in the back of the cabinet, and not use...


Week in Instagram

1. We spent a few days at my grandma’s house last weekend, and the cousins had a blast together. Basically there were no quiet moments. Ever. 2. Grandma made...

Sweet Potato Fry Seasoning-4

Seasoning for Sweet Potato Fries (and other things)

I have a handful of simple recipes that I use ALL the time, but don’t bother posting. I’m not sure why. Sometimes I feel like I have to have...

Coconut Shrimp Cakes with Mango Salsa

Coconut Shrimp Cakes with Mango Salsa

I really, really love coconut shrimp, but deep frying is not my favorite thing. It’s messy and requires a LOT of oil. And when you cook with high-quality oil,...


15-minute Sun-Dried Tomato and Spinach Omelet

Are you a fan of sun-dried tomatoes? How about a fan of 10-minute lunches that don’t involve stuff between two slices of bread?


Thai Coconut Curry Soup (Chicken Khao Soi)

There are a few things I was up to last month that I didn’t tell you about. No, I wasn’t trying to be secretive, I just um… forgot to...