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Here are all of our favorite veggie side dishes! Many of them are quick and perfect for a busy weeknight.

I’m excited to start organizing my recipes into little collections like this! We’re starting with the best Brussels sprout recipes on my site. Did you know it’s actually Brussels sprouts and not brussel sprouts? Yep. Brussels as in the capital of Belgium. And it’s capitalized. I’m a big fan of Brussels sprouts, so I’m on …

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This homemade guacamole, like the Homemade Pico de Gallo recipe I posted earlier this week, is one of my oldest recipes. A 2008 post with crappy photos really wasn’t doing it justice, and, to be honest, I’ve tweaked this recipe a lot depending on what I have on hand. Did you know making homemade guacamole …

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Italian seasoning is pretty straightforward, right? Why make homemade Italian seasoning? It’s usually a blend of 4-5 herbs. No fillers or sweeteners or weird ingredients. As far as seasoning blends go, it’s pretty clean. So, why bother making it? Because the regular stuff is boring. There. I said it.

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Have you tried Pan-Fried Green Beans with Bacon? It’s the ONLY way to eat green beans, really. The beans are crisp-tender and infused with the amazing taste of bacon – what could be better? It’s also just TWO ingredients (I’ll let you guess which two), a hot skillet for sautéing and you’re set! Green beans …

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