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Fish & Seafood

Sweet Chipotle Salmon with Hot Honey Glaze

I love salmon. Like, big puffy heart love salmon. If you want to know the truth, I created this Sweet Chipotle Salmon recipe because I wanted another vehicle for Hot Honey Cilantro Glaze. Luckily it paired SO well with this salmon! (And REALLY good with the Roasted Jalapeno Ranch Dressing on this salad. I can’t …

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Everything Bagel Gravlax (Cured Salmon)

Now that Everything Bagel Seasoning is a household staple, how have you been using it? Are you sprinkling it on everything? I love all of the Everything Bagel-ized products at Trader Joe’s — including their Everything Bagel Gravlax. Are you a gravlax fan? Gravlax (or cured salmon) is surprisingly easy to make and MUCH more …

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Grilled Sablefish with Garlic-Herb Oil

Sablefish! This is the first sablefish recipe I’ve posted! And ohhhh, it’s a good one. I’m a huge fan of fish — mostly salmon and sturdy white fish that I can marinated and grill and turn into Fish Taco Bowls, Fish Nuggets, or Cajun Foil-Packet Salmon. What is sablefish? I’ve recently been trying out some …

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