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This easy overnight hashbrown breakfast casserole is gluten-free! It’s a Mexican-inspired version with spiced chorizo, pepper jack cheese, and a BOMB chipotle-lime hollandaise sauce that only takes 10 minutes in your blender. It’s a perfect make-ahead recipe for Christmas morning or any special holiday brunch.

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This delicious tamale pie with tender shredded chicken and green chile sauce is made with millet flour and is gluten-free and corn-free! What’s a tamale pie? Tamale pies are a tex-mex shortcut to get the flavors you love from tamales without all of the labor-intensive prep. The filling is usually meat or vegetables in a …

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This Chipotle Butternut Squash soup combines the creamy sweetness of butternut squash with the spicy kick of chipotle peppers, creating the perfect balance between heat and sweetness. With its smooth texture and complex flavors, it’s an ideal choice for warming up on chilly evenings or adding a touch of comfort to any meal. Did you …

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